Pet Turf


Through our products high-quality polymer design, your synthetic lawn will stand up to even the toughest pets. Due to quality pigmentation within the synthetic materials, there is no discolor resulting from continued use. Stains will also be the last of your worries as the mess washes clean out of our synthetic materials no matter the magnitude. A Putt Above synthetic lawns are the perfect choice for you if you have any pet applications because they won't be digging holes in your lawn anymore.

Dog playing on backyard pet turf

No Mess

If your dogs tracking messes into your home is a problem for you, A Putt Above synthetic lawns are the solution for you. Without the presence of dirt or mud, your pets are unable to track messes into your home, no matter how much they play. The clean synthetic surface prevents any contaminants from spreading onto your pets, keeping your home as clean as you left it. With the addition of A Putt Above synthetic lawns, your pets won't be tracking in messes anymore.



Great for Pets

Due to the nature of synthetic lawns, A Putt Above is able to present you with a superior substitute to traditional grass when it comes to pets. Your pets will have no issues with the synthetic due to its soft texture as well as non-toxic materials. Meaning that your pets are able to play all day, without the worries of toxins. Also, the synthetic material is extremely easy to clean, a simple spray will get rid of all the potential messes that accompany a pet. No matter the pet, A Putt Above synthetic lawns will provide you with a setting that is no less than inviting for you and your pets to enjoy, without the hassle of grass.

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