Watering restrictions? Why you should get a synthetic lawn.

So your landscaping was done with some beautiful natural grass and you just love taking care of it. But suddenly your city declares a drought and its the beginning of water rationing with the water department doling out fines for the slightest misuse of water. Droughts are those periods where the amount of rainfall has drastically reduced leaving the affected areas with very little water. Droughts happen every now and then in various areas and in different intensities.

This is when some people are hard hit including those with natural lawns as they begin to feel the pinch of inadequate water on their lawns which require lots of water to keep them fresh and green. With the critical amounts of water left for everybody, most cities start rationing the available precious fluid. Water restrictions are enforced in most areas with heavy fines given to individuals seen as wasting waster. Those with natural lawns fall in this category as their sprinkling is restricted to only once in the day and that too only in the day as nighttime sprinkling risks wasting water.

It is estimated that a lawn of 1800 square feet of natural grass will use about 100,000 gallons of water a year just to keep it green. That is a lot of water for a city suffering from a drought. People with lawns start realizing that no water, no lawn. They see increased water bills. They are advised to mow high because low mowing will not encourage the roots of the grass to grow deep which is very important during the drought period.

Water sought in drought ridden land

Measures some people take.

Because of the inconvenience that comes with having a natural lawn during a period of drought, many people let the grass dry off and at times cover the area with gravel or some who can't do without greenery around their residences choose to plant a small garden which they then use less water to take care of. It is a period where people give up certain likes to accommodate the inconvenience.

It must not be so.

If you are one of those whose green turf mattered to them a lot and you just can not do without, don't despair, there is a solution that is tried and tested. Synthetic grass. This is the only way you can keep your yard looking green and beautiful without the stress of not being allowed enough water for watering. Synthetic grass has no use for water except when it is being washed


Why go for synthetic grass.

Synthetic grass is manufactured by a number of companies making use of the tufting process which attaches synthetic fibers to a fabric surface much like in the case of commercial carpets. Recent technology makes the synthetic grass so real it is difficult to distinguish it from natural grass.

  • You won't need to water it at any time as you do for natural grass lawns. The effects of the drought will be felt in other places but not on your lawn. Your house will remain green throughout the drought season and long after.
  • It is very cost effective. If you higher a contractor to do the landscaping for you, it will be a one-time thing as after the installation, you will have very little to spend in terms of money needed for maintenance. The worry over mowing, need to fight pests and the constant use of fertilizers is gone.
  • It is environmentally friendly as it doesn't contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer because there are no activities around its management that releases gases which pollute the air. 
  • You won't miss out on the beautiful greenery that was around your house because you are looking to cut down on water. Your admirable yard will remain green and fresh and remain so for as long as the drought will last with no visible changes at all on your lawn.

Challenging times.

Droughts are always very difficult times for any country, state or city that is struck. Everybody will need to make some adjustments to the way they carry out their activities of daily living. Since almost all human activities are centered around water, it is important that everybody does their bid to make sure nothing is done that unnecessarily depletes the already scarce liquid. 

Keeping natural lawns fresh and green at such times will entail a lot because large quantities of water may be needed on a number of lawns every day. This will take a heavy toll on cities water supply. The need to preserve water for more urgent needs will, in the long run, should the drought persist, far outweigh the need to use it for the upkeep of lawns. Not that natural lawns at such periods are not desirable, a drought period is not just the tie to priorities such.

The solution to this dilemma lies in the use of synthetic grass for lovers of green turfs in the residential areas or other such spaces. Not only do they fulfill the need for a green card, they also fulfill the need to preserve water.


It is a matter of balancing your needs at a time of crisis with the needs of the general public, and during a drought, your personal love for your green turf must be suppressed to accommodate the general need for water to meet more pressing human needs. A synthetic lawn will keep you happy during a drought while making sure you use only your own fair share of the precious liquid.

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