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Watering restrictions? Why you should get a synthetic lawn.

So your landscaping was done with some beautiful natural grass and you just love taking care of it. But suddenly your city declares a drought and its the beginning of water rationing with the water department doling out fines for the slightest misuse of water. Droughts are those periods where the amount of rainfall has drastically reduced leaving the affected areas with very little water. Droughts happen every now and then in various areas and in different intensities. This is when some people are hard hit including those with natural lawns as they begin to feel the pinch of inadequate water on their lawns which require lots of water to keep them fresh and green. With the critical amounts of...

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Why not go for artificial grass?

So, you are watching that soccer game and admiring just how to beautify the pitch looks. The perfectly mowed grass that looks fresh and green. You wonder how wonderful It would be if you had such beautiful grass in your own residence. Well, what you just saw was most likely artificial or synthetic grass. It was so real it fooled you into believing it was the real thing. You are not alone, with new generation artificial grass, it takes trained eyes to make a difference between the fake grass and the real one. The use of synthetic grass is becoming more popular. Today you can find them not only in sports arenas but equally in residential areas and public spaces...

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